The Bloodhound is an iconic dog breed. You cannot mistake them for anything else! Bloodhounds are descended from dogs from Belgium and France. Bloodhounds are large scent hound bred to track deer, boar, and most famously people. The Bloodhound is renowned for his skills in being able to track humans over great distances even many days have passed. Bloodhounds are typically eight to one hundred and ten pounds. They have a very distinctive “baying” sound they make when they are on the hunt tracking something. One Bloodhound, named Nick Carter, is credited with more than six hundred and fifty finds. One such track required Nick Carter to follow a trail that was 12 days old, and yep, he still found the man he was tracking. The dog Cooper from “The fox and the Hounds” was a Bloodhound.


Bloodhounds are gentle, but they are relentless when tracking a smell. For this reason, Bloodhounds can be stubborn and difficult to handle on a leash when they find a smell they want to follow. Bloodhounds have loving and affectionate temperaments with people which makes them good family dogs. All the folds around their mouth and nose and those long floppy ears are the reason Bloodhounds can detect such minute traces of smells. They can detect a smell as small as a cell or two There nasal passages are also larger than most other dog breeds.


As with most dog breeds, Bloodhounds benefit from socialization as a puppy. They are quiet and gentle so they make good family dogs. Bloodhounds are good with children and pleasant to be around. Bloodhounds don’t require a huge amount of exercise and are happy to just laze around the house, letting their droopy face wrinkles and long ears lay casually on your couch pillows.