How to Groom Your Dog

Why groom your dog?

Dogs have hair covering their entire body. But that hair is not permanent. Each year, most breeds shed their coat. Some shed twice a year, others shed year round. It’s important to groom your dog for several reasons. First, it helps keep them clean. By grooming and removing old, dead hairs, you assist the dog is not only getting rid of the hair, but also getting rid of dead skin. Dogs shed dead skin cells just like we do. By grooming them, you help remove all of that. Secondly, grooming your dog helps to get the hair off the dog, preventing it from ending up all over your house and furniture. Sometimes, with long haired dogs, the hair gets caught after it is shed. The hair matts together and get tangled. This is very uncomfortable for the dog and does not look good either. Dirt and fleas and other unhealthy things can get lodged in the hair and infections can begin.

What is the best brush to groom your dog?

The brush you use on your dog will depend on the type of hair your dog has. If the dog has short hair, a short densely bristled brush will likely get the most hair off efficiently. Longer haired dogs need brushes that have longer bristles that are set farther apart. The longer hair is easier to mat and will require more frequent grooming, especially during shedding season. With short haired dogs, another alternative might be to use a grooming vacuum. These specially designed vacuums can be used on dogs, cats, or horses. They suck the shedding hairs right off the animal! Many dogs are initially afraid of the loud vacuum sound, so it’s best to get them used to it gradually and in a way that does not frighten them. Grooming vacuums can make grooming time a lot more efficient!