Proper Flea Control

Proper Flea Control

It’s very important that you keep your dog on a regular flea control. Fleas are a tiny insect that like to make their homes on your dogs skin and fur. They nestle in and feed off of your dogs blood and skin. Fleas bite the dog and cause intense itching. If left uncontrolled, the dog can develop severe skin problems and potentially lose all of their hair.

Topical Flea Control

The most common form of flea control is a topical flea control. There are several brands available, each claiming they kill or repel fleas and or ticks. Some dogs have allergic reactions to some brands. It’s best to consult a veterinarian about which brand might be good for your dog. The topical flea controls are available in several sizes corresponding to the weight of your dog. The topical are usually in a liquid form and are applied in dots down the length of the dogs back or at the back of the neck.

Flea Collar

A flea collar contains a chemical that repels fleas. The dog wears the collar all of the time, providing a constant “shield” for the dog against fleas. Flea collars are a good alternative for dogs that have bad reactions to the topical flea ointments or for dogs that are in heavily flea infested areas. Flea collars are typically good for 90 days or so.

Flea Shampoo

Flea shampoos are available to suds away the little monsters. The shampoos work by using a chemical that kills adult fleas and their eggs. Dogs with particularly bad infestations would benefit from a bath with flea shampoo followed by topical flea treatments or a flea collar. Several “flea baths” may be needed to be assured of getting rid of all the fleas. Most flea treatments also kill or repel ticks. Don’t forget- when bathing your dog, have plenty of towels on hand or your bathroom will be covered in water spray!