Why Does Your Dog Pee?

Why Does Your Dog Pee?

There are many reasons dogs urinate. And no it isn’t always “because they have to pee.”

Full Bladder

Ok yes, the most common and obvious reason for a dog to pee is because they have a full bladder. Like all mammals, dogs process liquids, extract some water to hydrate their cells and the excess is excreted in the form of urine. So nine times out of ten, you dog is peeing because his bladder is full.


If a dog is truly terrified, he may lose control of his bladder. Many dogs do this when being intimidated by a more aggressive dog. Dogs also can do this when being yelled at by their owner. Dogs can be very sensitive. If you notice your dog is peeing and also showing other physical signs of fear, you should do your best to calm and comfort him.


Very rarely, a dog will get so excited that he will lose control of his bladder. This is not a very common occurrence, but some overly excitable dogs simply forget to keep their cool when they get excited. There isn’t a “cure” for this issue. You just have to be aware that your overly excitable pooch may pee himself with joy every now and then.


Sometimes a dog will pee unconsciously because they have urinary incontinence. Incontinence could be caused by old age or in some cases incontinence is caused by spaying a female dog. During the procedure, the bladder sphincter is compromised. Typically this type of incontinence can be resolved with medication.

Marking their Territory

Dogs are a territorial animal. A dog will use urine to “mark” his territory. These scent markers give information to other dogs. It’s theorized that a dog can learn some intimate facts about another dog just from smelling his urine marker.